Any system that can track, identify, and locate any assets or people in a workspace is generally referred to as RTLS. RTLS like a wander guard system accomplishes this by using sender and receiver devices to send data to various intelligent hardware and software systems. The raw data is subsequently transformed by these technologies into a usable manner, giving floor supervisors a complete picture of where everything is.

We understand, most businesses shopping for RTLSs for the first time are still determining which system components are most crucial. Frequently, people concentrate on the most incredible accuracy when a system with maximum accuracy requires unfavorable sacrifices. Additionally, some suppliers' marketing emphasizes performance that can only be attained in elements that, while they may be significant today, may lose significance once additional problems are identified. Remember, every circumstance is unique in practice, so you must strike a balance based on your needs whether you are looking for a wireless duress system or any other RTLS. Below are simple tips to help you make the right purchase.

  1. Number of assets

First and foremost, the kind of system you should consider is typically most heavily influenced by the number of assets you need to track. Every system has a cap on how much data it can handle. For example, systems that produce more data with higher accuracy accommodate fewer assets at a time. The actual figure, however, is dependent on various variables, including the speed of the underlying hardware, the network speed (local or cloud-based), and RTLS system parameters.

  1. Scalability

Also, to avoid outgrowing a system, it's critical that when speaking with providers, they estimate the number of assets you will need both now and in the future. Scalability involves more than just assets. It concerns the number of gateways, the extent to which they physically overlap, creating more data for greater accuracy, and the capacity of any software used for further processing.

  1. Flexibility and security

When an organization's digital maturity increases, technologies frequently find themselves employed for several use cases. Always verify that the system offers appropriate access to the data for foreseeable usage. Check out the wander guard system accessible for your intended use.

Similarly, you must evaluate the proposed system's security. This covers elements like logins, SSL, secure APIs, and security associated with the system's location and hosting.

  1. Choose the right vendor.

Additionally, the selection of the proper vendor is essential for any successful technology implementation. So the business you choose should have a track record of success and comprehend the particular needs of your industry. Along with thorough training on utilizing their systems, good vendors should offer IT assistance if something goes wrong.

Please make a list of potential merchants to eliminate some of them later. The more you learn about an RTLS system's capabilities, the easier it will be to narrow the field of providers to just a handful.

  1. ROI and Budget

Lastly, setting a budget for your RTLS or tracking system can be challenging, especially if you want approval from other company stakeholders. For example, start by separating the costs associated with a wireless duress system, such as the price of purchasing tracking tags and locators, installation fees, IT integration fees, and continuing running expenses like cloud storage and general upkeep.

Once you've determined your installation and maintenance budget for your RTLS, calculate your estimated return on investment (ROI) over the following 8 to 10 years. This represents your total ownership cost (TCO). Your TCO estimate should account for both the potential gain in sales that could result from higher productivity and the decrease in operating costs that could result from greater efficiency.

Keep in mind that the "best" RTLS is the one that best meets your needs, not the one the manufacturer claims is most outstanding for some random feature. Companies may make better decisions and adopt the best solution by considering the abovementioned crucial factors. Depending on your needs, MGM Solutions has the perfect solution for your needs including a wander guard system. Click here for more information.